Digiquartz® Portable Model 765
Pressure & Barometric Standards

Pressure Standard Data Sheet
Pressure Standard Menu Tree
Barometric Standard Data Sheet
Barometric Standard Menu Tree
High Performance Pressure Port (DigiPort)
Product User's Manual


28 Absolute, Gauge and Differential Ranges
from 15 psi (0.1 MPa) to 40,000 psi (276 MPa)


Application Areas

  Metrology Transfer Standard
  Aerospace Airfield Operations
  Meteorology Energy Exploration
  Oceanography Weather Monitoring
  Avionics Testing Infrasonic Research
  Process Control Laboratory Instrumentation

Quality & Standards


NIST traceable - CE compliant

  ISO 9001:2000 Quality System
  Market-leading 5-year limited transducer warranty
  Free zero adjustment and certification

Model 765 Pressure Standard Features

  0.008% accuracy, 0.0001% resolution
  Simple, intuitive front panel menu system
    Tare, Hold, Programmable Fast Key
    Front panel data entry and display
    Password-protected menu system
  Two-line backlit display - Menu selectable functions
    Engineering units
    Pressure bar graph
    Sensor temperature
    Resolution and sampling speed
    Maximum and minimum pressure
    Average pressure, rate, trend, and scatter functions
  Free configuration software
  Internal data logging - over 390,000 data points
  Enhanced command set
    User-defined output format
    USB and RS-232 interfaces
  Internal rechargeable battery or AC power
    100-240 VAC universal power adapter
    Battery status LED and display indicator
    150 hours rechargeable  battery operation
  Easy upgrades to embedded software

Model 765-16B Additional Barometric Features

  0.0001% (Better than 1 microbar resolution)
  ±0.08 hPa accuracy
  3-Year Stability Warranty (0.1 hPa/year)
  Barometric Functions
    Altimeter Setting           Sea-Level Pressure
    Field Pressure              Density Altitude
    Station Pressure           Pressure Altitude
  ICAO Q Signals (QNH, QFE)
  WMO Pressure Tendency Codes
  Burst Mode Logging
  High Performance Pressure Port (Optional)

Model 765 is a direct replacement for Model 760 with enhanced features.

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